A selection of the 150+ species of plant species at Tirfounder Fields, Cwmbach.

Mid Cynon Floodplain Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC no.33).

Photos by James M Burton (Spooksprings) Copyright 2012.

Photos Taken at Tir Founder Fields, Cwmbach 2012.

Identifications are 100% positive for 95% of the species, using the BSBI plant database. Where unsure, I have made comments in the description.

bramblefruit_small.jpg burreedbranched_small.jpg burdock_small.jpg burnetfodder_small.jpg
buttercupcreeping_small.jpg buttercupmeadow_small.jpg butterflybush_small.jpg campionred_small.jpg
campionred2_small.jpg carrotwild_small.jpg carrotwildseedhead_small.jpg catsearcommon_small.jpg
celandinelesser_small.jpg centaurycommon_small.jpg chickweedgreater_small.jpg cinquefoilcreeping_small.jpg
cleavers_small.jpg cloverred_small.jpg cloverwhite_small.jpg coltsfoot_small.jpg

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