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0.1 Preface

When asked to write a thesis on a subject of my choice I felt like a spoilt child at Christmas, I became excited at the range of subjects I could have studied, micro-organisms, genetics, land pollution and other current topics. My mind then became boggled and burdened while I searched for information on my subjects, which fell off my list one by one as I discovered misinformation and dark tunnels. My heart lifted however, when on a spur, I decided to search the library at the local medical college.
To my delight I found endless references to dermatitis caused by plants. After reading up on the subject and absorbing the facts, seeing the disturbing pictures, a gap in the bookshelf, and the horrific mismanagement of the affliction, I decided that it was for me. My initial enthusiasm came from the fact that so many youngsters weren't being educated on the subject, and then went on to develop dermatitis at age 40, and having to retire without compensation. My further enthusiasm came from the lack of detailed and uncollated information, in simple layman's language about the affliction, especially from the HSE. Half way through, I became daunted that I had gone O.T.T, and collected to much information, but then rekindled the flame, when I discovered pictures of young children, covered in exacerbated pustulous dermatitis caused by plants. The changes I mentioned came from a 30 second midnight brainwave, which helped me complete the picture. I was pleased on completion of this thesis to feel that I shall have an impact on the lives of millions, by the changes I have advocated to the rather prehistoric and messy treatment and laws that the dermatologists stick to currently. I wish that my leaflet contained will be distributed far and wide throughout the globe, to those people who need it most, and hopefully restore confidence and profitability to the industry as a whole, as well as extending the precious lives of the poor men potting up daffodils in a cramped little corner for 40 years.

    Dermatitis In the Horticulture Industry By James M. Burton In Association With Pencoed College Copyright 1997