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     0.2 Acknowledgements

There is no one I can thank personally for their help in the completion of this thesis, as it has been all my own painstaking work of research, write up, re-write up, referencing, library fines, trips to London, letters to America, and late nights without coffee. (edit 2015: My special condemnation, although no place for computer reviews has to go to the Amstrad Notepad NC100, which through digital fault and my misplaced trust in technology, completely erased parts of the thesis twice). However my sincere gratitude goes to those people who have written, published and distributed the books, journals, leaflets, publications, theses, I have referenced from. Including all those societies, organisations, groups, dermatologists, who work tirelessly to promote the affliction among the workers, and whom also I have referenced from. The HSE, DSS get my special regards for the detailed information they have provided me. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Second, The Honourable Members Of Parliament, and The House Of Lords, for passing the laws, making all this information accessible to me via university and library, and providing the means, methods and finance to continue with my research, through a troubled period. All the staff, sponsors, administrators, interlibrary loan distributors, at Aberdare library, Bristol Medical library, Trevithick/Science/Medical/Senghenydd/Arts/Science/Law libraries in Cardiff University Campus, Pencoed College Lib., Hubbert Dothee Lib. at Cardiff Royal Infirmary, Mid Glam University Lib., Cardiff Central Lib. A special and warm hearted hug to all the staff and students at Pencoed college, my neighbours in Dean Street, Durbin P.P.S., the people of Wales, that have pardoned my research methods, and for allowing me the opportunity to continue my education and personal enhancement. Most of all my love, sincerest admiration, concern and apologies go to my Father, my best friend, and essential guide to the universe.

                            Bibliography & References

All Publishers Of Books Were contacted 6 months before the hand in date of the thesis. I must stress that I received more returned letters than replies.  I thereby ask permission of anyone that may read this thesis from authors to publishers, posthumously that I may use extracts and references from their books, journals, theses. I heartily apologise if this may cause offence.

1        Principles Of Anatomy And Physiology 6th Edition
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         Publisher: Harper Collins

2      Skin Health & Disease
         Location: Aberdare Library

3       Illustrated Clinical Dermatology Textbook
         Authour: Rona Mackie
         Location: Herbert Dothie Lib Uni. Of Wales Medical Lib
         Publisher: Oxford University Press.
         ISBN: 0-19-261582-3

4       Plant Toxicity and Dermatitis Kenneth F.Lampe R.Fagerston
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5      Contact Dermatitis Alexander Fisher FMO
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6       Practical Dermatology
         Location: 613. Cardiff Central Libuary

7      Sensitization in Pre Immunbiological Stages Of Dermatitis
         Authour: Lip Yong Foo
         Thesis section Bute Medical Library

    Contact Dermatitis Textbook R.J.G. Rycroft
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         ISBN 3-540-5462-X

9       Dermatitis in the Forestry Industry
         Authours: J.Stoors, Mitchell, Adams, Scmidt, Hausen, Adams, Epstein.
         Cardiff University Libuaries

11    Contact Dermatitis Cronin et al
         British Lending Library

Contact Dermatitis Journals Location: Bute Libuary, Medical Section, Cardiff Uni.

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14    Industrial and Occupational Dermatology
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15   Occupational Skin Disease HSE
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17    HSE MJ24 HS at Work Act 1974
17a   HSE at Work Nov 1991
18   Illustrated Practical Dermatology
        Location: Herbert Dothie Library
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22    Prescribed Diseases Regulations 1990 Si No 967
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26    RIDOR booklet 1995 HSE
        Reporting Of Injuries Diseases Dangerous Occurrences
27    Employment Medical Assessors Leaflet HSE publications
28    HSE Industrial Diseases Notification Act 1981 HSE
29   Campaign For The Working Skin Leaflet

Other Books Consulted For Diagrams, Information.

Botany For Gardeners
Botanical Drawings
Plant Physiology
Botanical Textbooks

Location: Pencoed College Of Agriculture, Botany Section.

Cacti And Succulents
Authour: P.Chapman, M.Martin
Authour: Salamander Books
ISBN: 0-86101-161-9

RHS Encyclopaedia Of Gardening
ISBN: 0-863-18-9792

AA Book Of The Countryside
Publisher: Drive Publications 1973

Health & Hygeine In Agriculture
ISBN: 92-2-101974-8
Publisher: ILO Publications

Publisher: Flora Project For Heart Disease Prevention

COSSH Brief Gide To Employers
COSSH regulations 1994

Preventing Dermatitis At Work
Publisher: HSE 1995
ISBN: 0717612465

Health And Safety At Work
HI- 3064, R.104 1996

Guidance Notes Ms24 HSE
Health Surveillance of Occupational Skin Disease

Organisations Contacted For Literature & Surveying

Dermatology Clinics
Dep. Of Derm. Brighton General Hospital, Brighton
Dep. Of Derm. Stoke On Trent Hospital
The Skin Hospital, Chapel Street Salford
Dep. Of Derm. Royal United Hospital Bath
Institute Of Dermatology St Thomas Hospital London
Dep. Of Derm. Uni. Hosp. Nijmegan Netherlands
Dep. Of Derm. Aberdeen Royal Hospital Scotland
Dep. Of Derm. Free Uni. Academic Hospital Amsterdam
Dep. Of Derm. Waikato Public Hospital Zew Zealand
Skin & Cancer Foundation Melbourne Australia

Statutory Organisations, Groups, Societys
HSE Marches Area, Marches House Staffodshire
Hardy Plant Society Pershore Worcester
Horticultural Development Council Hampshire
ADAS (MAFF) Smith Square London
British Dried Flowers Association Warwickshire
Commercial Horticultural Association Harrogate
Daffodil Society Sheffield N. Yorkshire
Dep. Of Trade & Ind. W.Midlands
Institute Of Horticulture Belgrave Square London
Royal Horticultural Society London

Nurseries, Garden Centres
Hilliers Nurseries Romsey Hants
Notcutts Oxford Mattocks Courtenay Oxford
Dutchy College Of Agri Cornwall
Pershore College Of Horticulture Worcestershire
Blakedown Nurseries Ltd. Kidderminster Worcs.
Van Heynigen Bros Canterbury Kent
Notcutts Nurseries Woodbridge Suffolk
New York Botanical Gardens New York
Cornell University Ithica New York
Long Island University New York

      Dermatitis In the Horticulture Industry By James M. Burton In Association With Pencoed College Copyright 1997
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