It Be Noob-War!

(Said with fortitude, steam and frothing purple faced anger) That's it! We Noobs of Noobania will take NO MORE! We have been scammed, hacked, dribbled on, amused, pushed in wells, had our cats stolen, we have been trampled on, called Noobs, made to wear 2nd rate clothing and skirts, and fight with 2nd hand weapons, work as slaves for the selfish money grabbing snooty Lords, and had our faced pushed into the dirt ONCE TOO OFTEN. They might laugh it off and give us token gifts, but WE'VE LOST OUR TETHER, and so, it's...NOOB-WAR!

I'm not sure what that involves, but it sounds pretty good. Our aim is to assert ourselves, and RID the Noobscape of black hearted Lords, who think of nothing but our utter extermination, and do NOUGHT to help poor little Nooblets, while claiming to be their saviours! Only us Noobians can save the Noobscape and it's fresh faced Nooblets from these... Noob-Killerz! We shall gather them all up in Noob Carts, send all the ugly ones to bait the KBD, and turn the rest into our bonded slaves that will do our every bidding on pain of death! We are the down trodden, but GOOD and meek, we work hard all day and night, like dogs and get nothing back but a slap in the face! It's time to reap the harvest of our efforts, and claim back the Noob-Elven Kingdom that was once a fair land for all, not 10 eons hence, for Noobians, Nooblets, Planet Noob and Noob Faries everywhere !

So choose thy weapons well wise warriors of good, light and noble descent,
for the hour is upon you to cry Kamakazee NoobSquad Invasion!

General NoobSprings

Blow wind and crack thy cheeks!
It's the charge of the Noob brigade!
For Planet Noobian, and King George!
The NoobSquad will be saved!

Event: World War. Server: 16. Place: Chaos Altar (Wildy lvl 36) Time: Saturday November 15th 2003 London 8pm Helsinki 10pm American Time Zone: Pacific 12pm Mountain 1pm Central 2pm Eastern 3pm. Uniform: U.K and Canada Wears Red Cape Finland and U.S Wears Blue cape. Planet Noobian - Bronze and Yellow Cape, we will meet in the Noob Guild (Draynor Manor) half an hour before! Bring arrows, armour, and a packed lunch!

By Spooksprings J.M.B. For Planet NoobSquad Inc © 2003. Images & sound effects, Free Public Shareware.