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Bupleurum tenuissimum L.         Slender Hare's Ear


see B. baldense. tenuissimum : very slender.

OTHER NAMES: smallest hares ear.

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TYPE: glabrous erect/procumbent annual. Th.HEIGHT: 15-50cm.
STEMS: branched, flexous, solid, striate.
UMBELS: 5mm diam. Compound, numerous, terminal and axillary, shortly pedunculate
or sessile, with (1) 2-3 unequal rays 1cm   long, partial umbels with 1-4, flowers.
LEAVES: 7cm, simple, linear to narrowly oblanceolate, widest  above middle, acute,
sessile, scarcely sheathing at base, veins   3, parallel, with some slender cross veins.
Cotyledons tapered  at base, no petiole.
BRACTS: 3-5, 6mm, linear-lanceolate, subulate 3 veined,   herbaceous.
Bracteoles similar long, but not concealing the  flowers and fruit.
FLOWERS: yellow, hermaph. Styles forming stylopodium.Fl. 7-9.
FRUIT: 2mm, black, subglobose, granulate. Later­ally compressed,  rugulose-
papillose. Commisure broad. Mericarps with narrowly  winged, undulate- crenate ridges.
Carpophore present. Vittae   inconspicious. Pedicels very short. Styles 0.1mm, horizontal.
Stigma truncate. 2n=16.

HABITAT: grassy, saline habitats, salt marshes waste places.

DISTRIBUTION: represented in Britain by subsp. tenuissium. Coasts
  of England from Dorset to Humber. Bristol Channel. One locality
  in Co. Durham. Inland, near Malvern. Coasts of Europe, N. to
  Sweden. S.W. Asia. N.W. Africa, inland on saline steppe.

BSBI Distribution Map for Bupleurum tenuissimum (UK)

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