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Scabrid : rough to the touch.
Scarious : thin, not green, stiff & dry.
Sepals : leaf like, just below flower.
Septate : divided into segments by walls.
Septum : a partition.
Serrate : toothed like a saw. See Fig S16.
Serrulate : as above..
Setaceous : shaped like a bristle.
Setose : bristly.
Spathulate : paddle shaped. See Fig. S17.
Spinous : spiny.
Spinescent : spiny, tapering.
Sporangium: structure containing asexual spores.
Stigma : receptive surface of the gynoecium, to
    which pollen grains adhere.
Stipules : a scale like leaf appendage, at base of
    petiole, adnate to it.
Stoloniferous : creeping stems of short duration,
    produced by plants with central rosette or erect
    stem above ground, for perinnation.
Striate : marked with long narrow depressions.
Strigulose: having stiff appressed hairs.
Stylopodium : enlarged base of styles.
Sub acute : not acute.
Sub cordate : not completely cordate. See Fig.012.
Sub cylindrical : not entirely cylindrical.
Sub entire : not quite entire.
Sub globose : not quite round.
Sub orbicular : less than rounded, length &
    breadth about same. See Fig. 011.
Sub ovoid : not quite ovoid/egg shaped.
Sub sessile : with a slight stalk.
Sub tending : having a bud or developed from
    a bud, or a sporangium in the axil.
Sub terete : ridged or grooved only slightly.
Subulate : awl shaped, narrowed, pointed +
    > or < flattened.
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Online Guide To Umbelliferae Of The British Isles' Compiled By J.M.Burton 2002