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Oenanthe fluviatilis (flab) Coleman
River Water-Dropwort


Oenanthe: see 0. crocota
Dropwort: see 0. aquatica

OTHER NAMES : river dropwort.

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glabrous perennial. Hyd. HEIGHT : 100cm
ROOTS : young plants : tuberous roots, disappearing as stem elongates. Fibrous roots
then develop at the nodes. Propagation by detached fragments.
STEMS : hollow, submerged & ascending or erect.
UMBELS : compound, leaf opposed and terminal, with 5-10(15) smooth or slightly
scabrid rays 1-3cm long. Peduncle < than rays.
LEAVES : lower submerged 2-pinnate, with cuneate segments deeply cut into linear to filiform
lobes. Aerial  leaves 1-3 pinnate, with shallowly lobed segments 10mm, ovate to suborbicular,
lobes ovate, obtuse or subacute. Cuneate at base. Petiole with a sheathing base.
BRACTS : 5 subulate. Bracteoles 5-8 linear-lanceolate.
FLOWERS : white. Male and Hermaphrodite. Sepals lanceolate, acute,
persistent, outer petals scarcely radiating, styles forming a stylopodium. Fl. 7-9.
FRUIT: 5-6.5 mm, cylindrical. Commisure broad. Mericarps with  prominent slender ridges.
Carpophore present. Vittae solitary. Styles 1/4 > as fruit, divergent. Stigma a small knob. 2n=22*.

HABITAT : slow flowing water.

DISTRIBUTION : native, local. S.E. England. E.& C. Ireland.
  One locality in Wales. W. Europe.
BSBI Distribution Map for Oenanthe fluviatilis (UK)

POISONOUS PRINCIPLES : See. 0. aquaticum.

'Online Guide To Umbelliferae Of The British Isles' Compiled By J.M.Burton 2002.