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Phanerophyte : Woody plants with buds 25cm above soil level.

N : Nanophanerophyte : 25cm-2m

Hemicryptophyte : Herb with buds at soil level.

Hp : Protohemicryptophyte : Uniformly leafy stem, basal leaves smaller than rest.

Hs : Semi rosette hemicryptophyte : leafy stem, lower leaves
larger than upper & basal internodes shortened.

Hr : Rossette Hemicryptophyte : Leafless flowering stems &: basal rosette of leaves.

Ge :
Geophyte : Herbs with buds below soil level.

Grt :
Geophyte with root tuber.
Gr Geophyte with buds on roots.

Gt : Geophyte with stem tubers or corms.

Hel : Helophyte : marsh plant.

Hyd : Hydrophyte : a water plant.

Th : Therophyte : plants passing unfavourable season as  seeds.
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'Online Guide To Umbelliferae Of British Isles' Compiled By J.M.Burton 2002