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Apium inundatum (L)Reichneb.fil        Lesser Marshwort


Apium : see A. gravolens.
inundatum : submerged, from inundo : flow over.

PREVIOUS NAMES : Helosciadium inundatum (L) Koch.


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TYPE: part/submerged glaborous perennial. Hyd. STEMS : slender, weak, smooth.
HEIGHT : 10-75 cm. UMBELS : compound, leaf opposed with 2(-4)
smooth rays 0.5-1 cm, unequal. Peduncles 1-3.5cm.
LEAVES : lower leaves 2-3 pinnate, segments deeply pinnatifid, lobes filiform. Upper
pinnate, lancolate to ovate, Segments 0.5-1cm, cuneate, 3 lobes, linear, sessile 5mm long.
BRACTS : bracteoles 3-6, lancolate, obtuse, unequal.
FLOWERS : white. Subsessile styles form a stylopodium. Fl. 6-8.
FRUIT : 2.5-3 mm, elliptic-oblong, laterally compressed, smooth. Commisure narrow.
Mericarps with prominent ridges. Carpophore present. Vittae solitary. Pedicels short.
Styles 1/2 as > as stylopodium, spreading. Stigma small knob. 2n=22.

HABITAT : lakes ponds, ditches.

DISTRIBUTION : native. <500m. Wide but local in Britain.
  W. Europe E. to Sicily, S.E. Sweden.
BSBI Distribution Map for Apium inundatum (UK)

HYBRID: A. x moorei (Syme) Druce : A. inundatum x A. nodiflorum.
Frequent Ire. rare England. leaves simply pinnate, obovate  lobes, umbels
with 2-3 rays. Sterile. Sparse flowers.

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