**** D ****

Decurrent : lying on the ground; tending to rise at
    the end / having base prolonged down the axis, as in
    leaf, where blade is continued downwards as a wing
    on a petiole/stem
Deciduous : loosing leaves in the autumn.
Deflexed: bent sharply downwards.
Deltate : Like Greek letter :
Denntate : See Fig. D6.
Denticulate : finely toothed. As above.
Didymous : formed of 2 similar points attached to each
    other by a small portion of their surface.
Dioecious : both sexes on different plants. Disc of ovary :
    fleshy nectar secreting flat structure, surmounting ovary.
Distal : furthest from point of attachment.
Divaricate : diverting at a wide angle.
Diverging : apices wider apart than their bases.
Downy : covered in fine long hairs
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'Online Guide To Umbelliferae Of British Isles' Compiled By J.M.Burton 2002