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Petroselinum segetum (L) Koch      Corn Parsley


Petroselenium : see P. crispum.
segetum : of cornfields. (seges: corn, crop).

PREV. NAME : Carum segetum : (Bentham ex Hooker fil)


TYPE : glabrous, glaucous biennial or annual. Hs. HEIGHT : 30-100cm
AROMA Parsley. ROOTS : tap root, slender, fusiform.
STEM :: striate, terete, solid, divaricate. UMBELS : 1-5cm, Compound, with 3-10 smooth,
unequal rays 3cm. Peduncle >than the rays. Partial umbel of 3-5 fls.
LEAVES : simply pinnate. Near base of plant. Linear-oblong in outline. Lobes 4-12 pairs,
suborbicular to lanceolate, serrate or shallow lobed, sub sessile, 0.5-3.5 cm, the obtuse teeth
with a cartilaginous margin and mucro of 0.5mm. Petiole slender, not dilated at base.
BRACTS : and bracteoles 2-5, subulate.
white, subsessile  to long pedicellate. Hermaphrodite.
Sepals small. Styles forming a stylopodium. Fl. 8-9.
FRUIT : 2.5-3 mm, ovoid, laterally compressed, smooth. Commisure narrow.
Mericarps : prominent stout ridges. Carpophore present. Vittae solitary. Pedicels short
or 15mm. Styles < than stylopodium, divergent. Stigma a small knob. 2n=18.

HABITAT : arable fields, hedge banks, river banks,
dry banks, brackish grassland, near sea.

DISTRIBUTION : native. S.& E. England, Kent, N to the Humber, few coastal localities
in Wales. W. Europe from Netherland to Portugal. E. to C. Italy. Rare, decreasing.

BSBI Distribution Map for Petroselinum segetum

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