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Oenanthe pimpinelloides (L)

Corky~Fruited Water Dropwort


Oenanthe :
see 0. crocota.
Dropwort : see 0. aquatica.

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glabrous, erect, branched perennial. Hs.
ROOTS : ovoid tubers, distant from base of stem.
STEM : solid, strongly grooved. HEIGHT : 100cm.
UMBELS : 2-5cm. diam, terminal, compound, 6-15 smooth stout rays
  1-2 cm, thickening after flring. Peduncle > than rays. Terminal  with long-pedicel late
male flrs & short pedunculate hermaphrodite flrs. Lateral male only. Partial umbels flat
topped in fruit, pedicels thickening after flowering, esp. near glabrous apex.
LEAVES : lower 2-pinnate, long-petiolate. Segments 5mm, lanceolate to ovate, cuneate at
base, deeply toothed or pinnatifid. Upper 1-2 pinnate, blade > as petiole. Lobes
10-30mm, linear, entire. Cotyledons contracted to a petiole.
BRACTS : 1-5, linear-lanceolate unequal. Bracteoles 12-20, linear
to linear-lanceolate = pedicels.
FLOWERS : white 3-4mm. Sepals acute, persistent, outer petals
radiating, unequal. Styles form a stylopodium. Fl. 6-7.
FRUIT : 3.5 mm. cylindrical, Cormmisure broad. Mericarps with
prominent ridges. Carpophore present. Vittae solitary. Styles
3mm, > than fruit, erect. Stigma a small knob. 2n=22

HABITAT : damp meadows, moist grassy places.

DISTRIBUTION : native, locally common from E. Devon, & N. Somerset
  to Hampshire, very local elsewhere. S. of a line from Worcs.
  to Essex. One locality in Cork. W.& S. Europe. S.W. Asia.
BSBI Distribution Map for Oenanthe pimpinelloides


Roots esteemed as a food. Burnett, 'Medical Botany'
"They are replete with a bland farina 'and have flavour of a  filbert.

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