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Selinum carvifolia (L)           Cambridge Milk-Parsley


carvifolia: leaves resemble Carum carvi.
OTHER NAMES : false milk-parsley.

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TYPE : erect glabrous perennial. H. AROMA : of parsley
STEM : solid, grooved and strongly angled, the angles narrowly winged. HEIGHT : 100cm.
UMBELS : 3-7 cm diam. Compound, terminal, usually 15-25 unequal rays 1.5-4cm,
papillose on the angles. Peduncle > than rays, papillose on the angles near the top.
LEAVES : 2-3 pinnate, lanceolate in outline, the lobes 3-10mm, entire to pinnatifid, linear-
lancolate to ovate, minutely serrate, sometimes lobed, with an acute cartilaginous apex.
Petiole long, dilated at the base. Cotyledons tapering at base, no petiole.
BRACTS : usually absent, sometimes few, soon falling. Bracteoles 10,
subulate to linear-lancolate = or > than pedicels.
FLOWERS : white. Hermaphrodite. Sepals minute. Styles form a stylopodium. Fl. 7-10.
FRUIT : 3-4 mm ovoid-oblong, dorsally compressed, smooth, commisure narrow.
Mericarps with the 3 dorsal ridges narrowly winged & the lateral broadly winged.
Carpophore present. Vittae solitary. Pedicels 2 x as > as bracteoles, papillose. Styles 2 x as
long as stylopodium, recurved and appressed. Stigma capitate. 2n=22.

HABITAT : fens and damp meadow.

DISTRIBUTION: native, local, Cambridge, Ely. Formerly Nottingham and N. Lincolnshire,
but now extinct there. Most of Europe, except for much of the Mediterranean region.
E. to C.Asia. Introduced to N. America.

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