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Cadoucous : falling off at an early stage.
Calcicole : soils with free Calcium Carbonate.
Calcifuge : not on soils with free Ca C.
Calyx : sepals as a whole.
Canaliculate : longditudinal groove.
Capitate : head like.
Capitulaum : head of sessile firs, surrounded
   by involcure of bracts.
Carpel : 1 of 2 units of which gynoecium is composed.
Carpophore : slender simple divided axis which joins carpels.
Cartilaginous :
resembling cartilage in consistency.
Cauline : borne on aerial parts of stem especially upper part,
    but not subtending a flower or inflorescence.
Chromosome : small deeply staining bodies found in all  
    nuclei which determine most, or all of the inheritable
    characters of organisms. 2 sets are present in a cell
    (diploid No. 2n) Sexually reproductive cell contain 1/2 : n.
Ciliate : regularly arranged hairs, projecting from the margin.
Commissure : the faces by which the two carpels are
    joined together.
Compound : of an inflorescence with axis branched.
Connate : organs of same kind growing together &   
    becoming joined but distinct in origin.
Connivent : of 2 or > organs with bases wide apart but  
    apices approaching one another.
Convex : curved.
Cordate : See Fig. 012.
Coriaceous : leathery texture.
Cotyledon : first leaf of a plant from seed.
Crenate : See Fig. C3.
Crispate : curled.
Cuneate : See Fig. C4.
Cuspidate : See Fig. C5.
Cyme : of an inflorescence, obconical, growing points
    terminated by a flower, so further growth of
    inflorescence is lateral.
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