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Physospermum cornubiense (L) DC       Bladder Seed


Physospermum : from Greek, ______ : bellows.
&  ______ seed, referring to inflated fruits.

cornubiense : of Cornwall.

PREVIOUS NAMES : Danna cornubiensis (L) Burnat.

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TYPE : almost glabrous perennial. Hs. STEMS: solid, striate.
HEIGHT 30-120cm.  UMBELS : 1.5-5cm diam. Compound, long-pedunculate. 10-14
smooth, slender, usually unequal rays 2-5cm long. Peduncle longer than the rays.
Terminal hermaphrodite. Lateral male + hermaphrodite.
LEAVES : basal: 2-ternate, broadly rhombic primary divisions long stalked. Lobes 15-20rnm,
ovate, cuneate base, pinnatifid/incise-serrate, puberulent margin, larger veins both surface.
Petiole long, slender. Cauline lvs few, simple.
BRACTS : 4-7 lanceolate to linear, acute, membranous. Bracteoles similar, but usually few.
FLOWERS: white, long pedicellate. Sepals triang­ular. Styles stout, spreading,
recurved in fruit, forming a stylopodium. Fl. 6-8.
FRUIT : 3-4 mm, inflated, broader than long. Didymous, dark brown. Commisure narrow.
Mericarps smooth. Carpophore present. Vittae solitary. Pedicels 5-8 mm, smooth.
Styles x2 > as stylopodium, recurved. Stigma truncate.

HABITAT : open woods and scrub.

: native. Local. S. Devon, E.Cornwall. One location
in Buckinghamshire. S.Europe. Temperate W.Asia

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