Identification of grasses found throughout the Tirfounder site. I delayed collating the grasses, as they are hard to spot, not easily identifiable, and do not photograph in the field well. So I took samples of every grass and through a process of elimination identified 99% of them, with a 20% margin of error.

rushhard_small.jpg rushleafy_small.jpg rushsmooth_small.jpg sedgeamericanfos_small.jpg
sedgeclub_small.jpg sedgefalsefox_small.jpg sedgegreatpendulous_small.jpg sedgeoval_small.jpg
sedgeremote_small.jpg sedgetufted_small.jpg spikerushcommon_small.jpg spleenwortmaidenhair_small.jpg
tallfescue_small.jpg timothygrass_small.jpg tuftedhairgrass_small.jpg unkownreed_small.jpg
witchesbutter_small.jpg yorkshirefog_small.jpg
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