A selection of the 80 or so bird species photographed by myself at Tirfounder Fields.

Identification is 100% positive for 100% of the species, using the RSPB site.

Photographed by James M Burton (Spooksprings) at Tirfounder Fields, Copyright 2012, 16. Updated 6th Oct 2016.

blackbird_small.jpg blackbirdfem_small.jpg blackbirdorrobinnest_small.jpg blackcap_small.jpg
blackcapfem_small.jpg buntingreed_small.jpg buntingreedjuv_small.jpg buzzard_small.jpg
buzzardjuv_small.jpg chiffchafffem_small.jpg coot_small.jpg cormorant_small.jpg
crowcarrion_small.jpg dipper_small.jpg dipper2_small.jpg dovecollared_small.jpg
dunnock_small.jpg fieldfare_small.jpg finchbull_small.jpg finchchaff_small.jpg
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